Smart and Simple News August 2016

Welcome to the first Smart Food Made Simple Newsletter!

Summer Harvest is in Full Swing and it’s Time for Back to School!

Mid-August in Colorado means farms are bursting with life and students are starting back to school. Parents should take advantage of this time by packing fresh vegetables in snacks and lunches. Studies have shown when children consume nutrient dense food, they have longer attention spans which improves focus. A regular diet of fresh whole foods can lead to higher test scores and more confident children! Now is the time to try new vegetable recipes and learn how to freeze vegetables from the farmers market for winter. This what our grandparents did every year.

Returning to a school routine can be challenging, however once established everyone is happier because they know what to expect. Breakfast and lunch should be the first routines to put into place. We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however it is actually the most critical meal for children. If they don't eat a breakfast with carbohydrates, protein and fat, kids can crash mid-morning, therefore learning is stalled and brain fog moves in.

Smart and Simple News Aug 2016 Smart and Simple News Aug 2016