family nutrition counseling


Family Holistic Nutritional Consultant

energy. behavior. focus

What we feed our children impacts their energy, behavior and attention. Smart Food Made Simple will teach parents that food is an extremely powerful tool.  Simple changes and smart choice will help our children's body and brain function optimally.

Change begins at home and parents have the power!


  • Jodie Popma is passionate about teaching children good nutrition and mindfulness.This past year Jodie has taught the preschool classes about the importance of choosing healthy drinks, good dental hygiene, grains and seed, and exposed them to tasting farm fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, turnip, carrots, and spinach.  The students benefited from her hands-on lessons so much, that I have hired Jodie as our part-time nutrition teacher for the 16-17 school year.

    Patty Quinn, Preschool Director, Flagstaff Academy